About Us

  • Why Cresco School is right for your child.

    • We are committed to the holistic development of our learners in all learning areas. We focus on cognitive, physical, language and social/emotional development in an environment that provides the opportunity for exploration and hands-on learning.
    • We understand that children learn through different types of stimuli and whilst all lessons have an outcome, our children are given the opportunity to discover and learn through play.
    • We focus on creating a positive learning environment in which each child feels safe and valued; where individual differences are tolerated, understood and accepted. As a school we have an ethos that encompasses respect for authority and kindness to all.
    • We recognise the unique potential of every child and encourage development through positive reinforcement, encouragement, exploration and  fun.
    • We strongly believe in creating positive relationships with our parents to ensure their children get the most out of our school and encourage open communication with our families.
    • We keep our school as hygienic as possible at all times. We use gloves when changing nappies, we sanitize our hands, toys are washed regularly, tables and chairs are sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant after each and every use, dirty clothes are placed in nappy sacks or plastic bags, etc.
    • Children feel secure and safe when they know what is going to happen next and we therefore follow a daily programme which involves ring times, story times, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor play times.
    • We offer a separate aftercare facility for learners from Grade 1 to 7.
  • What we offer


      Our playground is an extension of our classrooms where we provide a safe, spacious, modern, friendly and fun environment. Our playground has a bike track, a sandpit, and a messy play area.


      We give each learner individual attention in spacious classrooms with a maximum number of 15 children in each class.


      We provide comprehensive reports on individual achievement every term as well as ongoing communication with parents.


      All areas are monitored by cameras. Recordings may be viewed by parents on request.


      To ensure the safety of our staff, parents and learners we have a fingerprint recognition system. Only parents who have registered fingerprints can access and exit the school.


      We provide a nutritious breakfast, cooked lunch and morning and afternoon snacks.

  • Each child receives the individual attention they deserve

    • Babies

      Babies from 3 – 18 months have one educator per six babies.

    • Toddlers

      Toddlers from 18 months – 3 years have one educator per 12 toddlers.

    • Young children

      Young children from 3 – 6 years have one educator per 20 children. Additional assistants per class are employed.

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