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    Do you follow a schedule or routine?

    Children feel secure and safe when they know what is going to happen next, and therefore we follow a daily routine which involves ring times, story times, indoor and outdoor play times.

    What facilities do you offer?

    We have a huge variety of facilities, offering the children choice and encouraging independence. We have two playgrounds with a bike track, a sandpit, messy play area and a wendy house. There is a huge indoor play area for scheduled play time within the individual age groups. Extra mural activities are offered through external sources, i.e. Kidi-Sportz, Little Kickers and Ballet. (These are not compulsory; it is the parent’s decision if they would like their child/children to participate in the extra mural activities.) The fees for the extra mural activities are not included in the school fees.

    How does the school address social-emotional issues?

    Social and emotional development is one of the areas of development that the school focus on in all activities done in the class. Special themes are chosen to make the child aware of his/her emotions (for example, the ‘I am special’ theme).
    The child is made aware of her/his emotions by naming the emotion and understanding the emotion. It is made clear to the child that he may have different emotions but it is the way we control the emotions that is important.

    Do you bring in specialised professionals if necessary?

    Depending on demand, circumstances and specific needs, Cresco management may suggest the inclusion of a specialised professional like a psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist or specialised councillor and physiotherapist. We will be able to recommend specialists that we work with regularly.
    Fees for these services are payable directly to the consulted professionals. We will have close co-operation and communication with these professionals, parents and teachers for the wellbeing of the child.

    What are your discipline policies?

    We aim to establish a learning environment in which each child feels safe and valued and where individual differences are tolerated, understood and accepted.
    As a school we have ethos that encompasses respect for authority and kindness to all. We believe that our children must stand up for themselves; however, they are not encouraged to harm another child by fighting back either verbally or physically.

    If a child display’s inappropriate behaviour, a first warning will be issued and the child will be sent to “time out” for a period of time that is appropriate for their age. The class teacher will notify both parents and a record of the behaviour will be kept.

    Should the behaviour persist, the parents of both parties will be called in for a meeting to discuss the situation. Children respond well to consistency, working on the issue both on the home and school front normally results in the matter being resolved promptly.

    What happens if my child is sick?

    We realise that parents have to work and that it is not always easy to take time off to stay at home or to fetch your child when they are ill, however, having a sick child at school puts the rest of the children and staff at risk.

    Making the decision to send your child to school goes together with the chance of them picking up viruses getting the flu etc. We keep our school as hygienic as possible at all times. We use gloves when changing nappies, we sanitize our hands, toys are washed regularly, tables and chairs are sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant after each and every use, dirty clothes are placed in nappy sacks or plastic bags, etc. With all these precautions it doesn’t help if children are sent to school sick.

    Not only is it unfair to the other children in our school but it is not fair to the child who is ill to have to spend the day here not feeling well. A sick child needs to be at home, resting and should be given the chance to make a full recovery.

    How are your teachers screened?

    We thoroughly check all ECD qualifications for our teaching positions at the school. All our teachers hold the correct qualifications. We interview all teachers and check their references before hiring.

    What are your security protocols?

    We take security very seriously. We use a fingerprint recognition system to ensure that only parents and carers who are logged on our system can gain access to the school building to collect their children.
    The school is linked to Fox Alarms and panic buttons are available in each class.

    What curriculum does Cresco follow?

    Our Grade R students follow the CAPS Curriculum, (National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement). All our Grade R teachers are fully trained and qualified in CAPS and complete in-service training on an annual basis.
    Our younger students follow the Birth to Four Curriculum of Gauteng Province and the ECDI (Early Childhood Development Institute).

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